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Ros Boundy
Psychic Medium

Hypnotherapy-Reiki Master-Sound Therapy

Are you finding that you’re ready to pull your hair out because you just can’t seem to stick to that QUIT Smoking regime, or stick to a diet?

It may be that you’re READY for HYPNOSIS as that extra edge to the HELP you need!?


It isn’t about getting you to go into a trance state and cluck like a chook when someone says a particular word, it isn’t about you not putting your mind to succeed, it isn’t …. 

Experience JOY in BEING uniquely YOU

Ros Boundy Psychic Medium

What it is … is about helping you to move past your own blocks.

Guiding you and training your mind to think in the same direction that your intentions are heading.


Ros Boundy Psychic Medium

Having a hard time with emotions going wild?

Do you want to find ways to manage the feelings and understand why you feel like you do?

You can learn different ways to be in control.


Are there times when you just want to have a bit of help from the Spirit world or a direct connection with Loved Ones who have moved into their spirit space?

I connect in with your Angels, Guides, Spirit Guides or Loved Ones to give you insights and answers to those questions.

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Relaxation and self-care are really important to allow YOU to be your best.

Make the time for YOU …


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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what you need? A bit of general ‘Coaching’ or ‘Healing’?
For those moments where you may just need to ‘get it off your chest’ and chat with Ros about what is important to you.

The Mind Matters:
Hypnotherapy is a solution for you to be able to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Pain, Lessen Stress & Anxiety and so much more

Treatments are usually an hour to an hour and a half duration and an ‘In Person’ method of therapy.


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