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My Approach

I work with my intuition in serving my clients; from the heart and soul of life experiences, with understanding and the deepest sense of LISTENING to your needs.

Having learned a lot through many years of experience – in the arena of building an earthmoving business, moving into solo-preneurship … as a therapist; I want to share with others, care with others … now doing what I do as part of the adventure of LIFE.

Meet Me

I started out at a very young age in growing a family and business with my husband. Learning what I needed to learn at the time that I needed to know a skill and then progressing with each step, into the new skills. Motherhood and marriage didn’t come with a manual, but a lot of the other skills had courses and lessons, study and assignments.

Growing into the role of Office Manager, Bookkeeper and helper to our Accountant for our business of HF Betts & Co, was a great way to learn and gain experience. More of this was formalized by gaining those qualifications on paper, recognition that I could do the work and knew what I was doing.

… all while raising four children and working most of the time from the home office.

It was after the kids had grown to be adults that I decided my life needed to change quite drastically and I moved out of the family home and began a life on my own – after divorce.

In 2004 was the big leap and I studied to become an Aromatherapy Massage Therapist. The first registered business name I applied for was [Rainbow Gold Bodywork] which was rejected and closely following was [Betts Holistic Therapy] which was accepted and is the ‘trading name’ I still use for my ABN and taxes. I reapplied for the first name and it was then accepted! Other therapies followed closely from that and I continue to use these skills for personal and professional use today.

In 2014 only 3 days after my youngest daughter’s wedding day, it was discovered through a colonoscopy that I had a tumor in the lower large intestine. The prognosis was [a cancer] and I was advised to have surgery and chemotherapy. Surgery was a week later and I returned home with the added bonus of an ileostomy +bag and choosing not to go through chemo. Took a little bit of time to get back into living a comfortable lifestyle and adjusting after the reversal of the stoma and feeling able to get back to work again. As my body slows down, the era of doing bodywork is also closing down.

One of the things I’ve always loved using … is computers

There are so many things that I've picked up in my knowledge base of using computers from those very early days

1982 with the 1st computer we owned being a MicroBee – Dual floppy drive) of having to type the programmes in myself, to the technology that we have in our hands today (smart phones & tablets) …

It’s this arena of what technology can allow us to do, that just intrigues me to all the possibilities that are available. I really enjoy working out and using spreadsheet, bookkeeping with the MYOB and Reckon applications. Having grown through using so many different configurations and developments of computing over a good timespan that I have a great grasp on the what and how to’s of PC’s and Mac! I’m learning new things all the time that I can help the ‘old dog’ to learn new things …

I just love it to do the Daily Card Reading within my Facebook and on my YouTube channel using a wonderfully easy LIVESTREAMING platform.

… and the other favourite thing I love to do is Sound Therapy & Meditation,
using voice and various instruments to gain inner healing, peace and a transformed state of mind … 

Your Bookkeeping

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Virtual Assistant for Your Bookkeeping

Are you feeling that overload of stress as you try to manage everything in your office by yourself? Trying to do all the data-entry of your financials when you have better things to do?
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Communication Skills & Video Production

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Communication Skills & Video Production

Communication is more than just having a chat! We can express ourselves by art, music, writing and video. There are many ways that you can use video to get your message across.
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Spirit Connections

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Individual Sessions,

Psychic Medium and Card Readings. Weekly sessions in Zoom for various areas of interest with the Cards - Lenormand, Oracle, Tarot cards. Courses and practice readings. Meditations & Toning Vibrations.
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Awards & Recognition

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Customer Care

A caring space and place for you to know with confidence that you will be nurtured

Customer Care

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Exceptional Service

Caring attention is given to your needs.

Exceptional Service

What you need for your session is discussed with Ros and given the time and attention you deserve. Your comfort and safety is paramount.
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Community Group

Connecting with others of like mind and purpose - building and growing a space to share thoughts and ideas

Community Group

Sharing together within a Private Facebook Group. This is where discussion and questions are shared about the Cards and Readings.
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