A Combination of Lenormand Decks for a Very Interesting Reading in this Card Spread

A Combination of Lenormand Decks for a Very Interesting Reading in this Card Spread

How many different ways are there to create a unique divination card spread Reading?

This spread was created during my usual Daily Lenormand Card Spread Reading on my FaceBook pages and my YouTube channel, which you can see under the LIVEstreaming Menu – https://rosboundy.com.au/live-stream/

Lenormand Card Spread 23rd July
It was a very different way to do a card spread.

I had so much fun with the process of being guided by Spirit to create this way of doing a Reading.

Many a time we are so set in our ways of just following a [Guide Book]. Placing our cards in a Spread by a pattern and Instructions that someone else has dictated, and usually as being the ONLY way to do a Card Reading!? No, it’s not the only way …

Many years ago when I started to use the Cards and ‘play’ with them for my own experience and learning, I was following just that method. I bought a few second hand books on EBay, reading and learning as much as I could and getting very bored with what was being repeated and presented as – the correct ways of doing the readings. I likely still have those books packed in a box in my garage!!!

There are hundreds of different ways to Read the cards. There are hundreds of different card spread designs that you can follow. All of them are correct ways to read these beautiful tools. Any deck that you choose will be the right one for you to use, when you are connecting with Spirit to do your readings.

Be guided by what your own Spiritual Guidance are showing you, which is what happened for this particular Spread.

What does it all mean?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the video recording – it is more contextual if you can DO YOUR OWN interpretation of what the Cards mean for YOU in what you know of as your current life experiences and situations. You know the people and energies that are surrounding you, even if you think you don’t!

It’s that ‘knowing without knowing’ factor of TRUSTing your inner self and the connection that you have with your Soul Self and your Spirit Guides, whether they are Angels, Animal Spirits or something else These are only labels for that special feeling of energy and spirit that IS !

.           .          

Each of these decks, in their own right are wonderfully full of unique information.

Combined, they have a much more magnified energy and message to absorb. See what you think!

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Ros 🔮🙏🔮

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