The Daily Lenormand Card Spread – 18th November

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The Daily Lenormand Card Spread – 18th November

Ros shares a LENORMAND card spread for the day …

The Lenormand cards can be a very direct divination system, although Ros is using intuitive and heart centred interpretations of each card. She explains where each card lays in the positioning within the layout of the spread. 

Each day the cards will present differently and give guidance for your day ahead. 🔮

I’m trying out something a little different, in that I’ve transcribed from the sound file of the recording … what is essentially the reading almost verbatim.

We’re here for the card readings. I’ve actually got my own stand now Shaz. That’s arrived, so I can show you the cards from by using the webcam on my own stand here. So, we’ll be returning yo urs to you soon.

Now, the deck that I’m using. This is the reminder to those who haven’t seen what I use. It is the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti, a beautiful artist at work. I don’t know what he looks like himself, but it’s the expanded edition that I’m using so you’ll get those few extra cards. We have got one of them in here today. So just to refresh, of what we have here in an card spread. And a reminder that this is a general card reading for everyone, it’s not the individual card readings in these morning sessions.

So, tap into your own intuition and your own psychic abilities. Be open to the messages that you’re receiving directly from your guidance, you know, that team that support you in the background. Apply that to what is your situation in life.

What we’ve got here is The Path in our “work space”. We’ve got The Ship in the “home space”. Time is up in the “unexpected” (we’ve had that one here before this week). We’ve got The Birds in the space of “your role”, and it’s the young Man sitting there in “the outcome”.

So The Park. So what we’re doing now is the packs in the “work space”. So that’s in the energies around, getting into doing what work you do, whether it’s as a business owner operator, or whether it’s as an employee, self employed or whichever way that you are actually moving through your life. I think that is meaning to get out into the public for you in your workspace today. So actually stating what you need to be speaking out, get your communication happening. Do your marketing, get it out into public. So all of that sort of stuff is tying in with the work energies, so that as well as grounding yourself and actually having that foundation of what you’re doing through the day being grounded, that you’re actually putting it out there, as “this is what I’m doing”! Publicly launch something new, that type of thing. You’re actually broadcasting in a way. Standing on your soapbox and spruiking your stuff. In some effects you’re out in public and you’re really seeing the benefits and the wonderful results that are going to be happening from your work, from the things that you offer, if you’re in business yourself and all that. Know what your marketing is going to be for as the result, that type of thing. And what beautiful results people are going to get.

And if you’re working for someone else, work in Integrity and Authenticity for yourself that you are doing the best that you can for your employer, and in whatever way that that’s needed. And if you need to voice something that’s not feeling quite right for you, voice it and have things being grounded in that more natural way of being, which is your integrity, authority, authenticity and centeredness. Your being. So, it’s a beautiful energy around this card. I love The Park card. My eye goes to that white peacock. Whatever it’s meaning for you in the messages you’re receiving, just trust.

We’re moving on now to The Ship. The Ship is about travel and getting things moving in the “home space”. I know there’s some further restrictions that are happening here in South Australia but other states are starting to experience that ability to freely move around and travel again which is wonderful. So, do it with the mind of being safe and considerate of others, and all that needs to be those twists and turns whichever the way the wind is blowing, that you’re doing it with considered decision making in what you’re doing, so that you’re taking advantage of all passive wind or whatever you need to. I’m using sailing as the context here, because this is a sailing ship that we’re looking at, but as you’re traveling or moving around, do be mindful of how, whatever you do, whatever your movements are, how it affects those around you. And that’s in the real life context of being too close to someone because we’ve got these restrictions happening again, or letting go, loosening off again, and all that that might involve. Take your right precautions and you know the hygiene habits and all that we’ve been learning through this last year. You know, the horrid year that it’s been in many respects it’s also had it’s eye opening factor as well of bringing forward that awareness that things can’t stay as they were, they do need to change and life forward is going to change. And, including the ways that we travel and move around and have the interactions with other people around us. Being ‘the home’ card space, just feel into that what is most appropriate for you and the actions you need to be taking.

We’re up here in the “unexpected space”. It is the Time card. Again, we’ve got the time card, and it’s reminding us to being mindful of the time. And somehow, and in some ways that time doesn’t matter. All things are going to happen as they need to! So these time gauges, you know that that’s what a clock is, it’s just measuring our time. But that’s only for our own brains and minds that we need this. Really, time is a human construct because time itself is not measured by the creatures of our world. They just live their lives as they do. The sun comes up, the sun goes down and tomorrow is another day. It just progresses forward and that’s our mindfulness around time is just, to be convenient for where we’re going to be next and all of that, or what we need to plan for a part of the day that we’re planning things. And it’s a convenience thing. But look at all these beautiful little clock phases and the different ways that we can measure our time. And don’t let it worry you too much. Just allow the flow to continue on in your day. That being mindful of what time and space you are in.

Moving down to The Birds that in the “your role” position. This is the original card of the expanded deck so it actually is more about communication, and not having it move into being the gossip and saying things that are not meaningful. What I get from this card has always been that it’s just like that nice chatty, just enjoying the time together when you’re actually meeting up with somebody. Still having it meaningful and if it’s a business meeting it’s a business meeting. If it’s just a general get together and a chat with friends, that’s what it is. And it can be just that fly in, fly out type factor almost like FIFO’s. There’s so many workers who are in that realm, that way of living their work life that it’s like a FIFO, and especially with more of us working from home now. It’s a changing paradigm in some respects in all the situations around this and the communication can change at any minute. As one flies in one flies out, all of that. So just be mindful of who you’re around, who you’re with, what context that that communication is happening. And if it needs to be meaningful and you have a backup of writing things down, even just to take notes. Like a seminar or workshop situation. It’s communication, it’s learning, it’s being together, and from each other learning all that type of stuff. I do feel that, be very wary about the gossip factor or backstabbing and all that sort of stuff that goes on behind. Don’t believe everything that you hear. Have it in that right context of of what’s happening as the other side of the story. That type of thing as well as I am feeling that from this card.

And here we go and moving that to then into what “the outcome” is. Which is that contemplating young man. It’s using that energy in that left brain sense, in a way. So, and it is it staying in our truth and contemplating with this young man, and the energy of the young man that the masculine, that putting the practical mindset, about taking the absolute emotion out of things and actually contemplating and reflecting on what is it that left brain sense of. The actual functional analysis and the thinking, knowing so that you’re actually seeing you sitting a bit more in that strength of truth as Tony says staying in your truth and sitting in that. Knowing the two sides of the story type of thing. Knowing that what’s happening is for the good of all rather than just an individual. All that type of thing, so I’m feeling that masculine energies around that today. So as our outcome, we might be by the end of the day contemplating in that regard, in that frame of mind, what really did happen today? What am I learning from this in my day today? So, that is what I’m feeling with that.

So, have that in mind as you’re actually moving through your day, that all things are as they are.

As a quick summary – moving into being grounded and having what you’re doing in that space of confidence and trusting. What we’re actually offering to the public being out in public and putting it out there. Moving in the direction of what you’re guided to, even in the home front, being mindful of the time that you are taking, using, spending. Where you are in your time line but also communicating. I do feel that communication in the public and what is private, with your own group of close friends, or in whatever way it is, just so that we do learn at all points in time in our life, every step of what we do is actually learning. So keep that in mind as you’re moving through your day. Find which card is more your focus for the day and use that as a bit of a mantra if you want to. To have that focus to gain a little more clarity in learning along that train of thought, that perspective, the angle that you’re living today.

What are you wanting to do as your goals. If you have goals. Some people go with the flow a lot!

Anyway, thank you very much for being here for another of my morning readings for the Lenormand card spread.

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