The Daily Lenormand card spread – 25th October

Lenormand deck of cards as a Grand Tableau spread

The Daily Lenormand card spread – 25th October

The Daily LENORMAND Card Spread

on 25th October 2020 … as read by Ros Boundy

The Lenormand cards can be a very direct divination system. Although, Ros is using intuitive and heart-centered interpretations of each card and she explains through her Livestream video what each card means as it lays in the positioning within the layout of the spread.

Each day the cards will present differently and give guidance for your day ahead.

🔮 Where in the video does each section of the card spread start –

00:00 Intro
04:20 The Spread
04:44 Workspace
06:50 The Home space
10:45 The Unexpected
12:50 Your Role
15:48 The Outcome

Today we have –

35 The Anchor in the first position of the Workspace. It’s great energy to have the feeling of flexibility in the way we’re doing our work and where we decide to focus that energy. When we decide we want to ‘stay here’ with a particular flow of what we’re doing, we are going to be able to concentrate on ‘the job’ until the goal is achieved or the ‘catch’ slows to needing to move on to the next spot.

13 Child is in the second position of our Home space. A beautiful focus on the family and relationships that are around us of the more ‘child-like’ nature that is rising within ourselves today. Move into the day with wonderment and excitement for what is ahead.

12 Birds (in particular the Owls of the Expanded Edition of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck I use) are about the communication that we have with each other. Especially that owls are a recognized ‘wisdom carrier’ and that you are being called to use your words wisely. As this is in an unexpected position, something that you say or another person says, maybe a complete surprise to you!?

32 The Moon is showing us the way in a soft light of nurturing reflection and it is our responsibility to shine our own light out with the connection of the owls today.

19 The Tower as our outcome is bringing a sense of stability and firm ground. We can feel that we are on the right path in our own journey of Life, as the structures we are building give a more permanent feel to our mission ahead.

As daily live streaming,

you can catch this at 8:00 am in Adelaide time (ACDT) here:-
(and when it’s ended it will be available as a replay)

You can enjoy the interpretations as Ros provides them or you can open your own intuitive senses to receive the messages and guidance that is from your own spiritual connections.

For more in-depth answers or other queries – connect with Ros by filling out the [Contact Form] on this page.

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