World Earth Day – The Daily Lenormand Card Spread

World Earth Day – The Daily Lenormand Card Spread

Daily Lenormand Card Spread Reading

Transcription of the LIVEstream from Friday 22nd April 2022

It’s World Earth Day!

My goodness. Yes, it’s Ros Boundy, psychic medium here. Had a bit of difficulty with the iMac again, it’s still saying the disk is full. Continuing onward…

We’re here and ready for the card reading with the spread that I usually use on a weekday. So tune into your psychic abilities, your intuitive senses, just connect with that gut feeling even of what your spiritual guidance is giving you. Sending you via the messages you’re going to receive in whatever way. 

It really does become a bit of a fussy process. With the computers, the more that the programming becomes so sophisticated and lost in the realms of wherever it happens and goes and everything, the longer it takes to get things loaded, and happening as far as the hard boot. I had to do a full re-boot, to get things loaded. So here we go, we are going to go over to the cards. Just welcoming those who are watching the replay as well. Do persist in watching onward. 

This is the first card that I usually share with you. The Owl Card. Those who fly solo have the strongest wings. But it’s also very nice to flock together when the need is arising for what we need to do. 

This is the card deck that I use for the next one and is from the Inner Soul Guidance Oracle by Leanne & Deb. The Wheat card this morning. So, it’s time to plant your seeds for your growth. Sow the seeds you wish to reap and you’ll gain from the harvest, which is very appropriate. Coming up to Anzac Day very shortly, it tends to be in the farming community, one of those indicators, if it rains, it’s going to be good season. If it doesn’t, it could be a bit more of a struggle with the farm, getting things happening, but I know soon afterwards, once the rains are here, it’s time to prep the ground and get those seeds sown. 

And it’s no difference to us as people with work and things that we want to do as well. In our daily lives, we do have some sort of form of destiny in our lives and we are tuned into it without knowing that that is our destiny and it’s part of our makeup. These cards are part of what we’re using as the tools to help clarify and get that guidance. 

Here we’ve got the deck that I use for this main part of the Reading. It is the Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand, and I use the expanded edition. There are 36 cards in a Lenormand deck compared to a Tarot that has a 78 deck card system. 

They are beautiful cards for Earth Day, I thought that as soon as I saw the spread laid out. So really earthy. 

World Earth Day - Daily Card Spread - 22nd April 2022
It’s World Earth Day today

The five cards today. 

In a cross pattern, we have the Park or Garden as the home space, that energy that’s there on that card space in the first position. The second position at the right hand side of the cross is the Snake in the workspace. So that’s what’s representing that one. The top card in the third position at the top of the cross is the Bear in the unexpected energies there. And the bottom position number four is actually representing your role. And what we’ve got there is the Clover. We also have in the central position which is the fifth one and that is the Heart. And that represents the outcome. Or what I like to feel it as being that pivot or the central, obviously, because it’s the center of the cross. So it brings in the full energies of what is the full reading and the spread. 

You’ll see why we’ve got Park in the home space, it really is bringing all that is the natural energies of the Who We Are, The How we express ourselves in the public arena. Almost showing off who you know as that personality, our characters and everything in that home base, to others. It’s what is also the personal faces, the personal public face of who we are. We do put out a persona, because that’s a natural beingness of who we are. There’s a lot that we keep within as private too. That is just our own energies as we present ourselves. And you know we’re tidying up what is our home space with the garden. And you can see that this depiction is a beautiful formal arrangement with the stairs and the fountain and the beautiful white peacock. They’re going up into a gazebo. It’s full of beauty. And that’s what our home is, bringing our fullness into being that beautiful person, our beautiful inner being, being expressed in the outer world, even in our home space. There are times where vulnerability really can be sometimes very delicate. As far as who really wants to be hurt but, you know as far as hurt feelings; sadness, loss and all sorts of different things that we can experience in our relationships, it feels safest within our home space. Even not really being fully happy with how our home space looks and all of that type of thing, it is that vulnerability of lack. It’s feeling the fullness of what is the best that we are doing with what we have already, we do not have to have all of the big formal, aspect of what this is showing to the public. 

We can just be that beautiful, authentic, pure essence of ourselves even, and have this beauty still shine out in the energies that we share with others around us in our home space and the community because it’s part of Home. It’s not just the house that you live in and sleep in and eat in and share with family. It is community. It is where we live in our town in the space that we are, in a suburb or wherever, being part of our community, being part of country. We do all have our loyalties to our home town, home space, home countries, all of that full expression is part of who we are too. 

So put it out in the best way that you can. It doesn’t have to be showy, it can be nice and casual, like a cottage garden, or it can be the beautiful bush and not have any extra embellishments, being new in its natural form. So that’s what I’m feeling about the Home space. That was a long reading just on the one card wasn’t it?


As we move across to the workspace, it’s the Snake now. Snake has been in our card readings recently. Do be aware of what is around you that you need to protect. I love the depiction of this snake in a tree rather than that feeling of it’s always a snake in the grass. Sly you know, subterfuge, manipulative, all of that sort of thing. That’s not a nice feeling. I like the depiction that we get given here by Ciro, because it feels like it’s that protection. This is one that sticks in my mind because I was brought up in a Christian based home, very strong Methodism and all that involved and the Adam and Eve creation story in all of it. I don’t feel that is the essence of what a snake is, the inner deception we tell ourselves, is our self talk. 

And that’s why I feel that this is more about protection. Self protection of what we have, what we’re building, as Leanne’s card here with the Wheat, sow as seeds and we shall reap what we sow. This is at the point of where we are nearly reaping what we’ve sown or what nature has given us. Or what work we’ve worked towards being able to harvest and see the results. It’s having that little bit of awareness around protecting that. Some snakes can be poisonous, others are not. They are beautiful creatures as part of the ecosystem, especially as we are on world Earth Day today. 

Maybe it’s all part of that process of bringing through what is environmental balances? Well, we are Stewards of the Earth, is the word I was thinking of. That’s part of what my upbringing was. You look after your environment to be the best, to be the most sustainable. And we really need to go back to unlearning, not to overdo the resource harvesting. There’s a lot more environment and environmental impacts that we need to be learning and being aware of so that we as humans are not wrecking, you know, it’s almost that old saying – we’ve got to stop “shitting in our own nest”, basically.

Here we have the Bear in that ‘unexpected space’, who’s energy really is bringing those moments in our day where we’re going to need to do more of that research. We need to do more of that work that’s going to bring our awareness up around what is happening in Mother Earth. It is Earth Day today. Bring to your mind, bring to your deliberate attention, some of that learning. That knowing that you need to have more of an awareness about and more action around it because the bear is around action as well. So deliberately look up something that will give you more of an understanding about our environment, about climate change, about our way of living on Mother Earth. It’s going to allow a more natural progression of sustainability for our future children and their children and their children. All of that which is ahead for them, we need to be leaving it in a really good state. And we’ve basically mucked that up so far, in my understanding, the industrial age was not progress. We’re here now with what we have, we need to be able to manage more sustainably, everything. And that’s where I think the Bear shows us the work we need to be doing. And it’s going to pop up unexpectedly in those moments throughout our day today. 

So here we are, in our Steward’s role. Clover. We are the ones who are needing to bring the good luck to Mother Earth for Earth Day, we have to start changing our ways that it really does bring that wonderful progressive energy into whatever we’re doing so that we are minimalizing our use of the resources that are damaging to Mother Earth, and bring forward the processes and changes that are needed to actually change. It’s not just changing the luck, being the wishful thinking, it is actually putting it into action and really moving it forward so that we can feel and think and know that those positives are coming into real action, real sustainability and moving forward to continue onward with having a beautiful mother earth. 

And to having a beautiful earth that can sustain every person and have the change that’s going to come out ahead, that brings in the Heart of the situation. And that is looking after each and every person, that we don’t have the homelessness, that we don’t have starving and hungry people. 

Every one of us who is consciously aware of bringing those loving thoughts together to the fore, as part of our movement forward, this is our prime goal – is to bring love unconditionally to every aspect of what our lives are, that then grows out into our community, our countries, our international interactions, and all that we can do and share as even just one person. It really is like that drop in the ocean! One drop has ripples, it’s called the butterfly effect. It’s that type of thing, we really do need to be bringing that forward to our front of mind consciousness. 

So that’s what I’ve got from the cards today. 

It does seem to be a big subject because it is Mother Earth, this globe is a limited resource. It is encapsulated in an atmosphere, we don’t have much choice but to look after it for our children’s children, for the future generations. And it has come to mind with a day such as this. I wish every day was treated like an Earth Day that we have got that mindfulness about how we are treading on this earth. Tread it softly so that we can share and live full lives in an abundance of all that is being able to be shared worldwide. It is OUR globe. It is OUR home. 

 So keep being the best you that you can be in whatever way that you need to bring to your forward mind. That awareness, that loving energy that is for our Mother Earth, that you can bring more ways of helping others move through that as well as yourself, in the way that you live your life being that most perfect you that that is unconditionally shared. Grow that out and into the world. 

We do overcomplicate our lives with so much that we think is absolutely necessary.
I do feel it myself.
I’m starting to simplify.

Begin that process and recycle as much as you can. 

We do need to stop harvesting everything from Mother Earth as far as her resources go. There’s so much already created and manufactured in the world that even now is in rubbish dumps and tips. Under the soil, that’s been buried because someone doesn’t want to use it, yet it could have been recycled. 

There’s so much still that we can do! 

Have that awareness around your Earth Day today and continue that energy onward for each and every day. That awareness to bring it to your actions in how you live your life. Be the best YOU that you can be, within and from the Heart, which is unconditional love as we have in the center of our cards this morning. 

Ros. 💜🙏💜

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