Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s your return policy?

Physical items :-
Return any of our products — no questions asked — within 30 days of purchase.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. Boxes?
No overseas shipping. I will ship your package anywhere in Australia that can accept deliveries.

Do you have customer service?
Of course! As a Solopreneur, I have a friendly and knowledgeable customer service and am available to answer your questions via any convenient and suitable method.


Ask a question using the [Chat with us] in the corner, or you may find your answer further down by

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You can turn your life around today.

The first step is to know you want CHANGE.

The next is to take a step toward making that happen and move toward where you want to go.

the Services

Gaining your health and wellbeing is a work in progress.

The process; is to chat about where there are issues creating dis-ease in the energy fields and within the body.

Then it’s time to choose what will be the best therapy to bring an even balance back into your life.


There are moments when you may be feeling ‘low’ or just ‘not normal’.

It could be that your energy levels are all over the place and you just feel ‘yuk’!

Things of the mind, the body and even into the core of your soul …

The mind and what is in our thoughts can be a very big part of our overall health and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy moves through the conscious state and into your sub-conscious, so that you don’t have to ‘work’ so hard to move past blocks in your life … toward the wellness you desire and deserve.

A session of hypnosis will take around the hour to hour and a half … as a treatment.

How long the results last is like measuring that ‘piece of string’! It will differ from person to person.

Our intentions are set at the beginning of the session and will give the results that are expected.

On the BODY – Horstmann Technique and Sound Therapy is available.

For the MIND – Hypnotherapy and Sound Therapy are great to work with that ‘mental’ stuff!

And SPIRIT – connection through Psychic/Medium readings, using a variety of tools.

Online sessions are possible with the great technology we have now.

Zoom meetings can be organised (and recorded) with you receiving a link to join, sent to your email.

By clicking here, you can book in a quick meeting to chat about what you need.

No, I don’t travel to clients.

For the person – person bodywork and readings, you will be given my address for the session.

About Working With Me

As a Solo-Preneur (means I work from home as a 1 person service business) I aim to give you individual attention that is specific to your needs.

Time is spent as an initial chat with you to learn from each other, that my services and skills are what will help you with your problem.

No. I don’t have a Provider number to allow the processing of the claims.

Group sessions and workshops are created on an ‘as needed’ basis and will be negotiated with the sponsoring parties.

These can be within a range of options; Medicine Drumming, Voice & Toning, Meditation Groups etc.

As an experienced wholistic therapist and business woman, there are many ways that a Coaching Programme can be designed for your specific needs and intentions.

You can expect value for money and dedicated interest and accountability in moving you toward your desired outcome, whether it is straight Business Coaching or for Life Coaching.

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