90 Minutes – QUIT SMOKING With Hypnotherapy

– Connect with Ros Boundy to discuss your issues and begin your treatment.

For many people there is a misunderstanding about what Hypnotherapy is and what it can do. You may have tried other ways to QUIT without success and you’ve been told by a friend that you may be able to be helped by the use of hypnosis. This is the time to check out if you feel it’s the right process to solve your addiction.

Hypnotherapy is a solution for you to be able to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Pain, Lessen Stress & Anxiety and so much more …

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Hypnosis - QUIT Smoking - 90 minutes


The first session of 2 sessions for you to become a Non-Smoker.

You will be expected to delve into a process that may take you to a vulnerable space of finding out the real reason you smoke in the first place … and to then give it up for good! Be prepared to have a fantastic result.

As with any therapy, there is a need to ensure that hypnotherapy is the right course for you to travel. The initial chat and treatment session will inform you through – what you are expecting of the treatment and helping you to QUIT using tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaping addictions. Allow extra time past the hour and a half to integrate your session.



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