I’ve decided IT IS a Happy New Year

happy new year

I’m seeing a saying “New Year – New Me” !!! This youngster is cruising along as I AM !!! A New Me wakes up every morning …

It is a new year that’s moving through our ideas and concepts of TIME … as the shift has happened from 2021 into the 2022nd year in the Calendar as we know it. There has been the illusion of the time going so fast from the transition that was the shift from 2020 into 2021 … and so it continues.

Along that same vein of thought – I continue to do what I enjoy most, and that is the Daily LENORMAND Card Spread readings each morning – at least when I’m physically able to.

The year 2021 was an interesting one that had quite a lot of REST and HEALING involved … a broken wrist in January and a broken tendon on the thumb of the same hand in June. Still healing from the injuries.

In all that has been a quite erratic year and from what I observe of others this isn’t a ‘just me’ thing … I have enjoyed the journey through it, with all the lessons about patience that I’ve learned … and continue to learn. I’d hope that you yourselves have been taken through the last year with gentleness and gratefulness for all that we do have!? I’d hope that you haven’t seen too much of an impact from a virus that has kept up a pace that we haven’t seen in a few decades and hopefully won’t see again for a few more!?

Treat yourselves with compassion and love as you look back and with the wisdom and understanding that the experiences have brought to your life as you look FORWARD and ONWARD into the brand new year.


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