It was a great weekend at the Body Mind & Psychic Expo in Adelaide

It was a great weekend at the Body Mind & Psychic Expo in Adelaide

Body Mind & Psychic Expo was in Adelaide on 29th & 30th May

Moments of enlightenment come at some very surprising times … like the last reading of the weekend of the Body Mind Psychic Expo that was held at the Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide on the 29th & 30th May.

After a year of absence due to the pandemic restrictions, we were able to be a part of the Expo family again and share our skills with those who were seeking answers.

It was the last hour of the Sunday and the numbers were slowing down of those who were walking past the stalls … winding down from a busy couple of days. As a pair of women were walking past and looking at the “Curiosi-Tea” card reading system I was using, I could sense their hesitation and suggested that since it was the end of the day and the weekend, I could do their reading as the last one of my day and give them great value.

One of the ladies say “Yes, she’d give it a go.”!

(not the actual reading – only a demo pic)

It was such a wonderful reading with her face lighting up each moment through the turning of the cards and the revelations that the reading was bringing to her. She definitely was gaining some understanding and clarity surrounding her question, and especially as her phone rang at the exact moment a particular card was turned over and revealed ‘communication’ is what is needed. Bursting out laughing at the timing and how spot on the reading was becoming it was so good to be a part of lifting her spirits.

There definitely is connection with Spirit that brings great benefits to each person differently.

It was through the whole weekend that I was able to feel an energy of being lifted up as well, through the readings I was able to share with each and every customer. I go into each session with the expectation of surprise and open-ness at what is being received through the senses, to pass onward to each person for whom I read the cards. Thank you to those who seek the guidance from psychic mediums and card readers, as a help to understanding and confirming what is mostly something that you already know.


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