Renmark … here I come! Psychic Reading weekend ahead.

Renmark … here I come! Psychic Reading weekend ahead.

It’s now only 2 more sleeps until Leanne & I are on the road to Renmark for our next Weekend of Psychic connections and Readings.

Wow, the time has just rushed past as we each live our wonderful and busy lives.

Speaking for myself, I’m becoming more experienced in the realms of the Psychic connections and doing the Daily Lenormand Card spread reading, it’s building my skills all the time. I’m having so much fun is exploring and discovering new ways to connect with Spirit and the Other Side every day.

The discernment needed to sense the messages that are ready for you, your questions and enquiring minds … !???

Come and find out the many different subject areas that you can ask those questions:

Is there something in my family that I need to know?
How can I get past my shyness and meet people?
What’s ahead in my job/career?
Is there someone romantic or who I can love coming into my life?
What is my health doing?
I’m looking for a different job, is there anything there for me?
When am I going to have a holiday?
How do I learn about my spiritual connections, angels?

And my toolkit is just growing all the time too! This time I’m going to be doing some Tea-Leaf Readings using real tea and a tea cup with the tea pot. Looking deep into the future with what the tealeaves will foretell! I’m really looking forward to exploring this experience with you. Although psychic reading isn’t only about using the tools of the trade, it sure is fun when having them available to support the messages coming through from Spirit.

I’ve pinched this next bit from my previous post –

[There are times in life where we need to ‘bite the bullet’ and just jump in and do things that are out of our comfort zone. Maybe for you – it’s taking the plunge to get up the courage to have a ‘psychic’ Reading.
Maybe you really want to connect with one of your family who has moved to the “Other Side” and is wanting to connect with you in Spirit connection!?

I do use various tools to help with the focus and connection, allowing Spirit to bring the messages to you.

Lenormand cards, Curiosi-T Cards, Labyrinth Through Time – Charm Reading, Tea Leaf Reading … yes, you can book in for a Reading and choose which style you’d like.]

Even if you can’t make it to join me for a psychic reading on the weekend, I’m available for most days when I can do recorded video readings for you. You’ll then get the link to enjoy the video at your leisure to your own individualized psychic reading.

Get your friends to scan this QR code and it will take you straight to my booking link or you can click directly on this hyperlink (Renmark are the lime green options) –

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