Writing this Blog as a brief Reflecting on 2020! 

Writing this Blog as a brief Reflecting on 2020! 

What happened to the Year that WAS 2020?

As I’m sitting here and pondering where the time has gone, it really does behove me to think of what I was doing back at the start of the year?

Memories of what I don’t want to remember!?!

I know I had thoughts and had planned to get my Psychic Mediumship work up and happening in a bigger way. Setting myself the goal of going to more of the Psychic & Wellness Expo/Fairs that were going to be happening across our state here in South Australia. I was going to have been able to join in with the Miracles Psychic Fair held in Mildura as well, and the BIG one in Adelaide midyear!!!

Then there was that huge change in our lives with all manner of things going pear shaped because of the BIG ‘C’ word, that we’re not meant to be saying on social media or we’ll get warned, blocked, etc. !!! 


And that isn’t the big ‘C’ of Cancer either!



2020 certainly has been a very interesting year.

For myself, it’s been the experience of bushfires happening throughout our country, being very devastating! And at the same time as that, the pandemic was declared. 

There was also the time of tragedy in our family with accidental death and grieving, processing through different ways to be able to actually continue onward in the restrictions having come into our lives.

It’s a wonder at times that we’ve actually got through as we have!

With some businesses definitely closing because of the pandemic and the restrictions that we’ve needed to endure, it’s also seeing people really struggle, and making adjustments to how we have been able to earn an income (or not) in that changed environment. 

I know there have been some people and businesses though, who have actually flourished because of the changing needs that have been encountered, with a lot of people going online. 


Live streaming has become a very popular thing at the moment and it is something that I’ve actually been involved in for quite a number of years, I think probably since it first started way back in the Google days of Hangouts on Air. It’s where my first memory is of that form of involvement with live video.


Even now I’m sitting here still, pondering – and it is a difficult space and place to be in at times but it really does depend on what perspective, what stage of life, where you actually are at in your journey, that we can say “yeah, it’s been horrid” or “it’s been wonderful”.

The time has really flown and it seems to be that as it continues further into the future that the time is going even Faster. I know that I’ve read in certain publications somewhere, that with the quantum physics side of things that there are actually some studies that they’re scientifically proving time to actually be faster and sped up!? But really, that’s only because we gauge and measure Time. Because we want to know details and proving everything scientifically. The time that what we do is taking is just what it is taking! It’s because we’re measuring it by the yearly, by the monthly, by the seconds etc. so whatever measure we put to it, we know that it is passing. 

If we would just be living our lives in the present moment, as we are living it out, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Did it seem to have gone so fast? 

It wouldn’t be such a big deal that time here is rolling over a year, decade; is rolling over that we’re going from what was perceived as a horror year moving into whatever our expectation is going to bring us, in that something’s got to be better than what’s been happening this year. 

Let’s just say that really, if we do focus a conscious mind, I’m just really enjoying what I’m doing in this present moment in whatever way that is planned, what pathway is in my life. 

How we do live our lives, in whatever country or town or space or economic realm we’re in, whether we’re in poverty or super rich, mega-rich! Other things that are all around us, see that it doesn’t really matter what sort of money we’ve got, what sort of way we live our life but that we actually live it, in its fullness and with joy and happiness.

Spread the love that we have, and share it out to the world.

I suppose really that’s what I’m trying to say, is just to enjoy where you are at this present moment in time. 

“Let not the fear mongering, the media and politicians, overtake your life, that you’re in fear all the time”.
“See and feel the love around you”.

Allow that essential YOU to shine out with the love and caring for humanity that we need to be, progressing Our Lives forward in Hope and Peace. 



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