Mindfulness Meditations with Medicine Drum at Port Elliot

Mindfulness Meditations with Medicine Drum at Port Elliot

Resuming – Meditations with Medicine Drum at Port Elliot, South Australia

Wednesday the 2nd of February is the date: NEW SESSION TIME

These will be at 1:00pm at The Elliot Oak, on the main road in Port Elliot.

Now we’re well and truly into the New Year and some of our life events are getting back into a stream of regularity. School is returning, albeit in some modified forms in various states. Here in South Australia that is a slightly staggered start and although I’m not directly effected by school times and terms, it does have implications to families around me.

The busy-ness begins!

Take an hour out of your day – Just For YOU.
Sit with your eyes closed, the sounds of a drum and listening to my dulcet tones and words of my voice, to experience the far away places and space of RELAX and opening up to what your Inner BEing is guiding you toward exploring.

It may be ‘other-worldly’ or it may be ‘into your inner spaces’ or may be just to relax fully …

You will walk out with a different energy and being mindful of your environment and the people within it. You will experience an uplift of your spirits and lightness to your step … if you allow the full process and get into the experience of Meditation. Create your mindfulness with INTENT.

It’s not hard.

Allow the thoughts and the mind to flow, like a babbling creek over the stones …

Book here using the QR code or via this direct link:

Meditation with Medicine Drum

It has been a harrowing couple or three years (or more for some of you) … it really is time to be looking after YOU so come in an be nurtured with the Meditation with Medicine Drum as guided with Ros Boundy Psychic Medium

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