The weather is COLD … Wintering with a New Deck named The Transparent Tarot

The weather is COLD … Wintering with a New Deck named The Transparent Tarot

Having a lovely time practising using these cards … The Transparent Tarot Deck.

Wonderfully smooth and slippery to shuffle, but who lets a small thing like that stop me! We had so much fun with this last Friday.

It’s now been quite a few years that I’ve been ‘working’ at my Psychic Medium abilities and serving clients with helping answer questions and finding solutions by using a variety of tools. Mostly it is the Cards that I’m using and it was such a surprise to be recommended to have a look at this Transparent Tarot deck and see what I thought of it! There are so many different decks that are Tarot, Lenormand, Oracles, and Affirmation decks, that it can be really hard to control how many I have as my own ‘reading tools’ so that I don’t get bogged down in the choices.

Well, in that respect – I decided to throw my pendulum into play and choose … “Do I purchase this deck or not?” … and obviously I have!

The Transparent Tarot deck really does take a Reading to that next level because of the layering ability!

Moving into the truly Intuitive method of Reading at that point is an eye opener for what messages Spirit is bringing in for the client. I’m mind-boggled at how ‘on target’ these are, going by the feedback I’m getting from people! SURPRISE … as every day with my lifestreams, there is a complete TRUST in the messages from SPIRIT.

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