Holistic Therapy Services

Are you feeling really frustrated that you just can’t seem to get feeling right within your body … within all levels of YOU.

Your Body

It starts with getting to know your own body and how it is letting you know what it needs. Tuning in with your auric being before the dis-ease reaches to your physical being

Your Mind

That you are having difficulty in your processes to Quit Smoking, taking off and maintaining that Weight Loss, or even too busy in the head it’s just too hard to Reduce Stress & Anxiety?. 

Are you even struggling to feel right at that deeper level and inner being?

Your Spirit

Connection into the deeper levels of your own Intuition, Psychic senses and sometimes it’s plain gut feelings … working within those inner realms where you are reaching for your own inner guidance.

You don’t have to do this alone … help is here.


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Personal Therapy

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Personal Therapy

Working with You, Business Owners and Solopreneurs toward ease in personal life balance and your business management.Focused from your personal centre.
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Are you feeling like you're not quite enough?We use a few different techniques and tools to help you grow your understanding of Self.
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Couples Therapy

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Joining Together & Communicating

For those times when you just need to have someone to be listening and guiding you to understanding each other better.
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Anger Management

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Anger Management

Feeling like you can't control it? Sometimes it takes another person to see the real issues ...
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Psychic Medium Services

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Psychic & Mediumship Services

Are you wondering how to get answers to some of those burning questions about more personal issues?
Sensing that you need some more
Spiritually connected guidance?
Wanting to hear from those who have passed to other realms?
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Nurturing the Children

Allowing experiences and expression for themselves.
Group play with Sound and Creativity in art.
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How Does it Work?

This service is growing as my own connection to Spirit and my Psychic Medium abilities continue to grow.  A deeper awareness and understanding of the TRUST I have in the messages I receive allows me to help you understand your life situations and experiences.

Your Virtual Assistant for Solopreneurs

Solopreneurs need help

So much is needed to be done within your business and it’s only YOU there to make sure it gets finished!

I’ve been there and know the pain and frustration of working through long lists of ‘things to do’ … that kept growing.
Don’t wait until you drop from fatigue or overwhelm!

It’s more than just what it’s going to cost you

When you are wearing yourself out and trying to get everything done, letting it affect your health and productivity, it’s time to hire someone else to get your office and admin moving smoothly and efficiently.

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