World Earth Day – The Daily Lenormand Card Spread

Daily Lenormand Card Spread Reading Transcription of the LIVEstream from Friday 22nd April 2022 It’s World Earth Day! My goodness. Yes, it’s Ros Boundy, psychic medium here. Had a bit of difficulty with the iMac again, it’s still saying the disk is full. Continuing onward… We’re here and ready for the card reading with the spread … Read more

The Daily Lenormand card spread – 25th October

Lenormand deck of cards as a Grand Tableau spread

The Daily LENORMAND Card Spread on 25th October 2020 … as read by Ros Boundy The Lenormand cards can be a very direct divination system. Although, Ros is using intuitive and heart-centered interpretations of each card and she explains through her Livestream video what each card means as it lays in the positioning within the … Read more