A Combination of Lenormand Decks for a Very Interesting Reading in this Card Spread

How many different ways are there to create a unique divination card spread Reading? This spread was created during my usual Daily Lenormand Card Spread Reading on my FaceBook pages and my YouTube channel, which you can see under the LIVEstreaming Menu –¬†https://rosboundy.com.au/live-stream/ I had so much fun with the process of being guided by … Read more

The weather is COLD … Wintering with a New Deck named The Transparent Tarot

Having a lovely time practising using these cards … The Transparent Tarot Deck. Wonderfully smooth and slippery to shuffle, but who lets a small thing like that stop me! We had so much fun with this last Friday. It’s now been quite a few years that I’ve been ‘working’ at my Psychic Medium abilities and … Read more