Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium, Virtual Assistant and other things
to support you in living your best life.

Mixed Consultations – 30 min.

Consulting NOW

This is for those who need that extra bit of ‘personalisation’ for the specific mix of therapies that is decided at the time of the consultation

… for those “don’t know what you want” occasions.

Mixed Consultations - 30 min.


Mixed Consultation – 30 mins –

Not sure what you need? A bit of general ‘Coaching’ or ‘Healing’?

For those moments where you may just need to ‘get it off your chest’ and chat with Ros Boundy about what is important to you.

To have a listening ear and non-judgemental delve into the options and solutions that may be just the right thing at the right time for you to hear.

It’s not just about hearing a story, it’s about your life and ways of discovering how to live it with meaning. Coaching is a two people relationship that ultimately helps you to move onward with your goals and ideals being achieved.

You may prefer to have some form of treatment as guided by intuition. (maybe Online or In-Person)


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